Here’s another infographic I did for, this time illustrating the history of the emblem on Superman’s chest.

Until I researched this, I had no idea just how many variations the shield went through in its first five years, before they settled on the classic design that went mostly unchanged for over five decades.

My previous infographic (illustrating the evolution of Iron Man’s armor) can be seen here.

Somebody on Twitter was bitching about how they wished the Man of Steel chest emblem was more “historic” or something and I wanted to be like, “Son, which historic chest emblem do you mean?”

FC: in Batman’s pants


[Incognito]: i’d do batman too.
[Dollface]: it’s okay. evil is good sometmies.
[rejecteddounut]: I’d get batman to buy me things
[rejecteddounut]: and then dump him
[Incognito]: batman hates you.
[.kysis]: XD
[rejecteddounut]: because he didn’t “spend enough time on me”
[Simply]: Superman moreson because he could go for dayyyys
[.kysis]: omg Rhey
[Simply]: Defintiely buy me things
[Incognito]: but kelly.
[Simply]: like an isalnd
[Incognito]: superman is faster than a speeding bullet.
[Incognito]: :x
[Simply]: hahahaha
[.kysis]: XDDD
[rejecteddounut]: hahahah
[Dollface]: ahahaha uh oh that ruins things.
[Simply]: but im fairly certain that he has fantastic stamina
[Incognito]: i’m certain his super pelvis would crush your mortal vagina.
[Incognito]: i’m just saying.
[rejecteddounut]: like POW *crack*
[rejecteddounut]: damn, again!?
[.kysis]: XDDD

(via kysis)

oh man, i forgot about this. why did i stop going into the flashchat again?